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Our Management Team

Michael Wanyonyi

Michael Wanyonyi

Chief Executive Officer

CEO and Founder of Mibawa, Wanyonyi is a trailblazer when it comes to rural distribution models.

He has built up a network of over 80 distributors from scratch, and continues to push forward to reach the most remote villages in East Africa.

Wanyonyi’s track record and leadership in the solar sector made him a frequent guest on news and media, and a winner of numerous international business competitions.

Valentine Khakasa

Valentine Khakasa

Vice President of Sales

VP of Sales, Khakasa drives Mibawa’s sales with integrity being the foundation of all work.

While keeping in mind the long term relations with distributors and end users, Khakasa also eloquently communicates the near term value of Mibawa’s life transforming solar products.

She is a great listener, and can always bring back perspective when the team meets challenges.

Edward  Namasaka

Edward Namasaka

Vice President of Marketing

VP of Marketing, Namasaka brings 20+ years of experience at NGOs and Government.

His rich experience working with a range of cultural and business mindsets allows Namasaka to understand Mibawa’s diverse audience.

His decisions on market strategies may seem odd at first, but they prove to be ingenious once executed by Mibawa’s team.

Richard Gichuki

Richard Gichuki

Chief Operating Officer

COO of Mibawa, Gichuki leverages his background in finance to build Mibawa’s operations in a sustainable way.

His innovative way of turning challenges into stepping stones makes him the compass of Mibawa’s team.

Gichuki’s commitment of bringing solar solutions to villagers comes from a very personal experience. He knows first hand what it means to have access to modern energy in the village environment.